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                WHY A LAND O'LAKES CAREER?

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                WE NEED THE BEST.
                To keep us ahead of the game. The food and ag industries are moving fast. We believe you’re either growing or you’re getting left behind.
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                WE’RE INTO INNOVATION.
                Always have been. We were formed by the original innovators—farmers—back in 1921. Today, we use our end-to-end view of agriculture to bring innovative ideas to farms, fields and families.
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                WE KNOW BENEFITS MATTER.
                That’s why we offer a competitive package. Our benefits program includes medical, vision and dental insurance, retirement plans and a total wellbeing approach. Perks to keep you healthy and happy include flex schedules, time off and tuition assistance.
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                WE’RE HERE—AND THERE.
                Although we’re proud to call Minnesota home, our roots spread out across the country. From small towns to big cities, we have a spot that’s perfect for you.
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                WE WANT YOU.
                Rooted in our cooperative values, our employee and member community is built on the principle of inclusion and embraces teamwork. Your unique perspective, skills and voice can create impact here. Only by working together can we feed human progress.

                MEET OUR TEAM

                • A Picture Of Humphrey Otita
                  "Coming to Land O'Lakes, as someone from a different part of the world, I wanted to take my learnings and contribute to something greater."
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                • Male Land O'Lakes Inc IT employee wearing a yellow shirt and eyeglasses presenting on a large screen
                  "It’s been nice -- I could do different jobs, but didn’t have to leave the company."
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                • Kellie Melton Working At A Workstation
                  "My team is why I work."
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